Milano Classica – 290 km’s in a day

Confirmation  that I have signed up for the Milano Classica event to be held on April the 28th and is being run and supported by the Redline Cycling group and is in support of the Cancer Council of South Australia.

I am taking this challenge seriously and have embarked on a modification to my normal riding to build endurance and teamwork skills to give me a better chance to achieve this goal. I will need to build my average riding speeds to around the 30 kph which in a group is not out of reach.   I am a little concerned that we start such a long ride with a climb to Crafers from the city but then it should get easier after that.

I have communicated some of my concerns with Stephen Sanders of Redline and have joined them on a couple of Outer Harbour rides in the past couple of weekends and have found the group friendly and comfortable to ride with.

I get the feeling I will be relying on some very strong riders to encourage me and give me some assistance along the route.

I have a few variables to deal with in the next 8 weeks including the diet and setting up a replacement bike due mid March.  I am hoping to loose the final 2 to 3 kg’s in the next 3 weeks and to loose 2 kg’s with the replacement bike giving me a boost for the ride.  I am going to have an interesting time changing to a maintenance diet focused at allowing me to build on endurance and strength without weight gain.

My Second Ride with the Redliners

I was happy to be able to hang on the back of the Redliners in my first ride with them a week ago and decided to be a little more active in this weekends ride. I even decided to ride the 20 km’s to the start and pushed myself solo to average 31.5 kph for that part of the ride. Starting with the rear group  we rode at a good pace to Outer Harbour, when we reached the Sprint to the roundabout. A few of us pushed forward to form a breakaway. The pace was set much higher with the breakaway where I was only just able to hang on to the back of them. That was until we reached Westlakes Boulevard where I fell off the back never to see them again. I decided to go it solo at this stage and with the rear group no where to be seen I was determined to get back to Glenelg before the rear group.

The rear group leaders caught me at the Patawillunga before I reached the end of the ride. I averaged 33.2 kph for the Outer Harbour ride making a combined average speed of 32.8 kph for my entire ride from home and Outer Harbour.  This is far higher than I have normally  achieved and to have managed it for 70 km’s, that made me feel good. OK, I did manage 32.7 kph average for a 19 km SSRC training ride last Wednesday night and last week at the Redliners I did a little better, achieving a 33.9 kph average for the Outer Harbour ride but was towed for 95% of the ride.

I feel like I am improving and the Redliners are one of the reasons I am managing to do so.

So, What Is My Current Riding Schedule

  • Tuesday morning: SSRC Range Riders – Chandlers Hill climb and across Piggott Range
  • Wednesday Night: SSRC Training ride from Moana – undulating
  • Saturday Morning: Redliners Outer Harbour from Glenelg and return

Additional to this I will ride with my wife, Lynn, whenever she has the opportunity to help boost her learning and to build her bike fitness and one day a week I will ride rear guard for my brother-in-law, Keith,  in his hand cycle.

I seem to have a good mix which should help me build on my current fitness level to give me the best opportunity to complete this massive challenge.

I am looking forward to the challenge with some reservations but will do my best as always!

Replacement Bike

Yes, I am replacing my trusty EMC 2.4 with a cheap Carbon Fibre from Cycling Express. My wife bought it for my 54th birthday, last month but it was a pre-order so is not due for delivery until mid March. Being on a really tight budget the $938.11c delivered price tag was hard to pass up. The running gear is similar to what I have been using but its definitely going to be an advantage at 2kg’s less than my alloy bike.  This coupled to the 12 kg’s I have lost dieting will help enormously on those “undulations” not to mention the climbs 🙂

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